Ela Garini

Tell us about yourself, how you started in Shell?

I joined Shell in 2011 and my first role at Shell was in Retail Network as Disposal and Acquisition Project Manager. After 2 years in that role, I took up an opportunity to become a Territory Manager as part of the Sales and Operations team. This role gave me the experience how to lead a territory, ensuring the safety and operational excellence as well as implementing strategy to winning the customers. And since 2018 I am a Dealer-Own Business Development Manager for East Java.

What moves your world?

I always want to bring values and make positive contribution to the community and others and I believe that my role at Shell can help me achieve my aspirations. Shell has core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people – and these are applied in all businesses that we do. We aim to be a good neighbour wherever we work, by contributing to the well-being of neighbouring communities. These values are also instilled in my current role. We open business opportunities for people and communities to become Shell Dealers and expand their experience as well as their knowledge. As contribution to the community is important for us, we also expose our Dealers in our social investment initiatives such as Road Safety Riding campaign, Dokter Kecil, Desa Bersemi program, Waste Bank, health talks, schools visit and many more.

Could you tell us what you do in a nutshell? Can you share with us your typical workday?

I meet with a lot of people to inform them about partnership opportunity to open up Shell retail stations in East Java. I build a lot of relations with diverse groups of people. My job allows me to travel across various areas in East Java and gives me the opportunity to meet business owners, business associations,  and expand my network at the same time. My interactions with them tremendously help me to get market insight and sharing ideas or feedback around development strategy in East Java.

What have been some of your significant successes in Shell? Or what were some of the things that you did, actions taken, kinds of discipline, that helped in your career success?

One of my proudest moment was when one of my dealers received Global HSSE Retailer of The Year 2015 award. This was the first time ever for Indonesia to receive such award and it becomes one of our business targets ever since. This achievement is a true testament of the great teamwork from everyone involved; Retailer and team, me as Territory Manager at that time as well as support from HSSE Manager, District Manager and Retail GM.

Any hurdles along the way and if so, how did you overcome them?

In any roles that you do, each of them would have different challenges. What’s important is to always have an open discussion with your line manager as well as your colleagues with underlining trust to find solutions. They might have experienced similar challenges before therefore are able to give the right advise. The key is Trust, Learning and Sharing.

How do you balance life between work and family? How do you make time for yourself and how do you see Shell supports you in achieving your work-life balance?

I balance the time I spent for work and family quite well, especially with the policies that we have in the company such as flexible working hours, working from home, remote working. This enables me to do my roles and responsibilities at work but by not leaving my other important roles as a mother, wife, daughter and sister anytime my family need me.

How do you make time for yourself, what do you do? What’s your hobby?

I dedicate my weekend for myself to do regular exercise and walking around the city or visiting museums/historical sites. My hobby is traditional Indonesia martial arts (“pencak silat”) – I have been practicing this since I was 11 and up to today. To preserve Pencak Silat as Indonesia’s cultural heritage I support one of Pencak Silat organizations to facilitate the youth who wanted to practice Pencak Silat at my home.

This year’s IWD theme is #eachforequal – what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘equal’?

“Equal” to me means having the same opportunity. Women have the same opportunity to pursue their hopes and dreams. Having the same rights to be recognized and make contribution to family and communities through the roles that we do.

Parting messages or advise, especially to young girls aspiring for development

When you do your job, don’t just do it because you see it as an obligation, especially if your job gets harder or you are asked to do something outside of your role and responsibility. Look at it as a way to learn and increase your knowledge or skill – that could help achieve your goal and increase our value.

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