In collaboration with IBM, Shell introduced OREN, the first B2B marketplace for the mining and industrial sectors. OREN offers solutions, software, and services to accelerate digital and sustainability transformation.

OREN also connects the world's most innovative technologies and smart tools to help accelerate the sustainability and modernisation of a business. The digital solutions offered are tailored to the customers’ needs in various fields including; operations, sustainability, safety, production, and more. OREN also offers a Digital Readiness Audit service, which supports the design of a solution roadmap tailored to the client’s specific goals and requirements. This could be measuring and benchmarking current capabilities, assessing which use cases to prioritize for specific mining sites, developing a supplier selection criteria or creating a supplier shortlist, based on your priorities and current performance.

OREN became a digital solution in the midst of a fast digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Indonesia, OREN will support customers through a tailored search where users could identify the most appropriate solution by adjusting their search parameters related to their responsibilities, the business challenges that they handle, or helping them in find technical solutions.

OREN also opens up the access to field-proven mining solutions such as; MachineMax - a cloud-based digital service for off-highway vehicles and industrial fleet optimisation; Shell Remote Sense that is a smart lubricant monitoring service that provides information for optimising equipment health, lowering maintenance costs, and increasing operational efficiency; and Optimisation of Operations Inventory, Repair and Maintenance services which supports on effectively maintain the part of inventory for both critical and non-critical parts.

OREN also provides a dedicated environmental management and compliance software that gives a detailed analysis and reporting of pollutant inventories, greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, environmental impact assessments, mine rehabilitation, and mine life cycle assessments. Other than that, OREN also facilitates mining companies to try new solutions and integrate them to the daily operations and their overall system. For instance implementing solutions on the operational level with trends in the mining industry.

OREN is yet only one form of digital transformation that we promote to increase business efficiencies.