Energy Users, Infrastructure, 2021

New Energy

Shell is committed to always put focus and adopting low-carbon technologies, including utilizing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Shell also utilizes electric and hydrogen vehicles, as well as promoting electric power business to power millions of homes, corporations, and businesses.

Shell is investing in renewable, low-carbon transportation options, from electric vehicles to biofuels with hydrogen.

About New Energy

Nature-Based Solutions

The world needs a range of measures to limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while meeting rising energy demand. This includes the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems such as forests, grasslands and wetlands.

Electric Vehicles Charging

With the increasing number of electric-powered cars, Shell is in an attempt to meet every electric vehicle’s charging needs in Indonesia.


Biofuels and renewable energy are important energy sources to help meet mobility demands with lower CO2 emissions. This is also very important for sustainable living and protecting the environment.