Ela Garini

Let’s discover more through the below interview:

How do you value Diversity and Inclusion at the workplace?

I had worked in several different companies before joining Shell where I finally learned, and fell in love with the diversity and inclusion (D&I) value. I believe that many of us may have our own experience of exclusion, interruption, different treatment, and so on - and most people (if not everyone - and including myself) would agree that D&I value will make people feel respected so they can unleash their true potential. For me personally, believing in D&I has helped me worked better together in good harmony.

As a Team Leader, what have you done to support women empowerment within your team?

It is funny to realize that almost all the member of my team in Shell and companies before are female - bright female individuals with their own unique expertise. As team leader, I push myself to do all that I could to bring the best from each member of my team - and not limiting the opportunities to grow, to learn, to share ideas, on the basis of gender. On the other side - I also try to understand and to respect the needs of my female team member. I believe that every individual has the right to exercise good balance between work and family life, and be successful in both world.

This year’s IWD team is #eachforequal. What comes to your mind when you heard the word equal?

Equal to me means that both male and female can have the same potential, capability, and opportunity to grow and to contribute to the company, to the country and to the society.

How do you see the evolvement of women’s role at home, at work and in the society?

Women – without doubt – are irreplaceable in the face of their children and family. But today, every women in the world have the opportunity – if they choose to – to also become an important part of the work-life, where they could showcase their potential to be a great contributor at work. I have also seen many examples of women that are very influential in the society at the same time. So the opportunities are wide open for women to be able to balance their family-work-society life; every women can make their own choices, their own decisions, and do their very best in every possibilities – and no one has any rights to judge whatever decision that has been taken by any women in the world.


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