Dimas Hanandito’s role takes him to different places throughout the day, and sometimes that means going out of the state he is based in. The Key Account Manager at Shell Indonesia explains how the “energy filled” job is a right fit for him.

“I’m the kind of person who learns faster from hands on situations, rather than repeated theoretical sessions inside the office or in the room.” He goes on to add that this style of working allows him to travel frequently: “I can begin the day in Balikpapan, spend the day in Banjarmasin, and end the day in Palangkaraya.”

Having joined Shell in 2015 under the Graduate Programme, Dimas recalls a training session that stood out to him, called Shell Life, where they were familiarised with the company’s workplace culture from and beyond the region, and how to tailor their engagement with both customers and stakeholders within their particular locale.

“What makes the training unique is that you get to understand how dealings in one part of the world are different from that in another,” he says. He furthers this notion by adding that the trainings that Shell provide develops their employees on different fronts.

“My line manager has strong chemistry with the whole team, and he emphasizes not only on the professional development but also on the personal level, which is why he always asks about the well-being of my family” he remarks.

Dimas acknowledges that beyond an exciting workday, and an on the go job, Shell provides him with the grounding he needs, often inviting him and his colleagues to discussion sessions to further improve the way they can flourish in their own areas.

“I think it’s quite meritocratic, and we can see that every member of the team is presented an opportunity to show how they can contribute in their respective fields, then afterwards they get recognition for that,” he summarises.

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