The Shell Graduate Programme

As a technical graduate, you’ll embark on a two-year training programme that offers talented individuals a comprehensive introduction to various areas of Shell’s business and operations within the Technical area of the Shell Graduate Programme. It’s a robust platform from which those keen to become pioneers in their chosen field can establish a long and fulfilling career.

Joining the Programme you’ll work alongside the industry’s leading technical experts and visionaries, and could gain experience on some of Shell’s most groundbreaking engineering projects. Within Shell you will find a supportive work environment, working with teams across the globe. You’ll be encouraged to take an innovative approach, while developing your skills and technical capabilities.

Pipeline, Flow Assurance and Subsea Engineering

Pipelines, Flow Assurance and Subsea Engineers provide technical support to the design and delivery of new projects, maintenance and surveillance of existing assets. The three streams of the discipline work very closely together and the work is stimulating. For example, our pipelines span deserts, mountains and deep sea, and operations become more innovative every year. In Flow Assurance, you could be tasked with identifying the right combinations of thermo-hydraulics and injected chemicals to optimise flow and create safe operating procedures.

As a graduate you’ll be working in Subsea Engineering responsible for delivering complex deep-sea equipment and pushing technical frontiers in fields as diverse as materials science to motor design.

Roles and responsibilities

The Pipelines, Flow Assurance and Subsea discipline tackles some of the most challenging and exciting problems in engineering today. For example:

  • Pipeline Engineering involves the design, construction, installation and safe operation of complex pipeline networks, both offshore and onshore.
  • Flow Assurance involves creating strategies to ensure that our production always flows.
  • Subsea Engineering involves the design, fabrication, installation and safe operation of state-of-the-art deepwater production equipment

Training and development opportunities

You’ll receive on-the-job training, working on challenging projects, learning from supportive mentors and delivering a clear impact to the business. The Pipelines, Flow Assurance and Subsea discipline in Shell will offer you the right mix of job exposure, mentorship and formal training to set you up for success. There will be ample opportunity to innovate and push boundaries: our projects stand at the vanguard of the industry and technology. In addition, periodic rotations between projects and work environments, regular progress checks and a well-structured advancement programme will help you reach your potential.

Be at the forefront of technology