Casual portrait of Calum Nicol
Calum Nicol, Process Engineer, UK

How did you first discover the Shell Graduate Programme?

I applied for the Assessed Internship Programme where I found out about the Shell Graduate Programme at Shell. I was able to use this fantastic opportunity to discover Shell and as a prospective engineer Shell was on top of my application list. What appealed to me was the breadth of exciting technology at Shell’s disposal and most importantly the responsibility and trust graduates are given in their day to day jobs.

What do you remember most about your first day at Shell?

I remember arriving at the Aberdeen office excited, curious and eager to find out what I would be doing in my job, the interesting characters I would be working with and the innovative tools I would be using.

Throughout the day there was definitely an overwhelming sense of “wow that’s a lot of information to take in” but every person I encountered was incredibly friendly and eager to help me settle into the team!  I transformed from a University student to an Upstream graduate. The immediate impact I could make on production stood out as a key motivator and I couldn’t wait for my second day.

What do you love about your role?

The people! I’m working as a process engineer on a major project that aims to convert associated gas from a neighbouring oil field into a clean and reliable gas supply feeding electricity to an expanding city, while maximising liquid products. As a chemical engineer, it is incredibly fulfilling to work on a project that can have major environmental and social benefits as well as economic ones. Achieving the project goals as part of a technical and multi-cultural team where everyone’s opinion is valued and respected is what makes it a success and motivating on a day-to-day basis.

If you were a Superhero and your speciality was energy what would be your special power and why?

From growing up and working in Aberdeen I can only have one energy related super power and that would be thermal energy at the tip of my fingers! Not only would my energy bills be lower but I would also be very popular amongst friends.

Through your Graduate Programme have you been inspired to continue with a career in the energy industry? What’s next for you?

From what I love about my role and the other areas I have worked in Shell, I have been inspired to have a career in the energy industry because I have witnessed first-hand where I can contribute and make a difference. This is incredibly important - as energy becomes a more important global resource, where better to contribute than one of the largest energy companies?

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