Tentang Shell Eco-marathon

The key to finding future energy solutions is collaboration. Shell Eco-marathon is a place to innovate and create a variety of brilliant energy ideas.

When Was the First Shell Eco-marathon Held?

Shell Eco-marathon was first held in France in 1985. In 2010, the first Shell Eco-marathon Asia was held in Malaysia. After 10 years, Shell Eco-marathon Asia has become a well-known national movement that inspires students throughout Indonesia to innovate and collaborate on a hands-on experience in achieving energy-efficiency.

Where Would Shell Eco-marathon Be Held?

Shell Eco-marathon is held annually in Asia, America and Europe. This four-days event will allow participants to gather, present ideas and innovations about energy and vehicles. After that the participants will compete to present and test drive their vehicle.

Who Can Participate?

Shell Eco-marathon competitions are open to all teams, new and experienced. The event will challenge students around the world to collaborate in teams and explore current and future vehicles and energy solutions.

What Are The Types of Competition in Shell Eco-marathon?

Shell Eco-marathon has three main categories globally, which are distinguished for each level of experience; Challenger, Regional, and World Championship Series. The Challenger category is designed as a starter competition in the Shell Eco-marathon or for those looking to perfect their vehicle ahead of Regional competitions. In the Regional category, experienced teams are innovating on a regional scale in America, Asia and Europe. In the prestigious World Championship series, teams who have achieved the highest levels of energy efficiency in each region, come face-to-face to prove that they can maintain the maximum energy efficiency in a world class.

Shell Eco-marathon offers two types of awards, which are On-track and Off-track. The Off-track competition includes; the Technical Innovation Award, Safety Award, Best Design Award, Communications Award, and People's Choice Award.

What Are The Vehicle And Energy Types In Shell Eco-marathon?

Teams can choose to design and build one of two different car types, which are the Urban Concept with vehicles that have familiar road car features (4 wheels), and Prototype with an ultra-efficient and lightweight vehicle (generally with 3 wheels).

Teams can then choose between three energy categories for their car, which include:

  • Internal Combustion Engine, including:
    • gasoline
    • diesel or
    • Ethanol
    • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) - liquid fuel made from natural gas.
  • Battery Electric, vehicle fueled with:
    • Hydrogen, and
    • Lithium.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Why Should You Join Shell Eco-marathon?

Not only an event to create the fastest car, but Shell Eco-marathon also provides an opportunity for students to collaborate and innovate bright ideas that will help shape a lower carbon future for all.

How do you register for Shell Eco-marathon?

Registration for Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2021 is closed and the competition period is currently running. If you are interested in registering your team for the Shell Eco-marathon 2022, you can find more information about the Shell Eco-marathon on the Make The Future website.

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