Tentang Shell Eco-marathon

Shell Eco-marathon presents the first virtual event in 2020

Shell Eco-marathon virtual programme offers a new learning opportunity by bringing the experience online. The virtual platform aims to inspire, challenge, and provide an opportunity for students across Indonesia to collaborate and learn online, amidst the lockdown.

Read more about virtual event and programme led by Shell at Shell Eco-marathon 2020 Virtual Programme.

2020 Programme

Virtual Off-track Award

There is a story behind every Shell Eco-marathon car. The Off-Track Awards showcase the STEM skills that go into each Shell Eco-marathon project, recognising the outstanding achievements of teams off the track. Read about the 2020 winning teams who were honoured in virtual awards ceremonies per region.

Virtual Learning Sessions

This year we continue with the series of Shell Eco-marathon Virtual Learning Sessions streamed live via YouTube. The sessions are a collaboration with our technology partners and enable students to participate, continue to learn and interact from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Spirit of Shell Eco-marathon Award

NEW for 2020, this award celebrates what makes Shell Eco-marathon so special: the desire to come together to overcome barriers to progress. The Spirit of Shell Eco-marathon Award showcases the spirit of collaboration, empathy, finding solutions and using skills and talents for the good.

Introducing the 2021 Shell Eco-marathon programme – a season like no other

The 2020 season was one we won’t easily forget, where we all had to adapt and transition to an entirely virtual programme; and as much as we missed getting out on track, the virtual programme proved to be a success.

So, going forward we are delighted to welcome you to Shell Eco-marathon 2021, a hybrid season combining exciting new virtual formats with physical competition elements, where and when possible. Just as a hybrid vehicle can achieve greater energy efficiency by combining the advantages of its distinct types of energy, this blend of physical and virtual competitions ensures that students have more opportunities to participate in Shell Eco-marathon and be recognised for their talent and hard work.

2021 Programme

2021 Virtual Programme

A new global Virtual League where teams can earn points across a range of different challenges, from the well-known Off-track Awards to the brand-new Autonomous Programming Competition.

2021 On-track Programme

Introducing the new Mini Shell Eco-marathon – smaller, more accessible events to take place where and when safely possible across the regions, in line with all required health and safety guidelines.

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