Electricity is essential to life. The presence of electricity will increase the region’s productivity and move the economy's life cycle, hence electricity has a huge impact on improving people's welfare and standard of living.

However, giving light to every corner of Indonesia might not be a smooth sail, with challenges like the lack of access to mobility and proper financial planning. There are at least 433 Indonesian villages in the Frontier, Outermost and Least Developed (3T) regions that don't have access to electricity. This would highly impact the nation’s infrastructure development, economy, and even the standard of living.

However, Reza Aulia Akbar and his team saw this challenge as an opportunity to bring energy solutions to the 3T areas in Indonesia. Not only giving access to electricity, but also empowering the local areas too. The REPGY team started with a very ambitious friendship that had a mission to find alternative technology solutions that would give sustainable energy by utilising local capability.

The key to the team's invention is the recycled Ondrivoltaic eco-energy panels or recycled plastic-based Ondrivoltaic panels. These panels are installed with ondri cells which could give cheap, independent, and sustainable electrical energy solutions for the 3T area.

When compared to solar panels, these REPGY panels have the ability to produce optimal power during the day. It also has efficient power levels that are more competitive in price when compared to solar panels. What’s more is the fact that REPGY involves local communities in producing these panels, making them more aware of technology.

REPGY's proficiency has caught everyone’s attention in the energy and tribology most prestigious event, Think Efficiency. But success was not gained in a night.

The team had to conduct dozens of experiments to produce the most optimal ondri cells that could generate electricity. Reza said that his team produced the prototype after a 3-months worth of trials. The idea developing process was not that easy because they have to adapt to the technology with Indonesia’s current landscape and would need various small-scale trials to ensure the effectiveness of the innovation. After winning 20 awards from various competitions, the team admits that their invention for Think Efficiency is the most comprehensive invention that has tested their patiences. But after countlesly testing and changing methods, the team finally was sure that their technology could bring energy solutions to Indonesia.

Their hard work has proven to produce a solution for society. The team felt that they have gained a great opportunity from Think Efficiency, with visiting Shell research centers abroad and extending their network in the energy industry. This was a big motivation and inspiration for them to keep developing innovations that focus on realising the use of renewable energy in the 3T area.

The REPGY team believes that being winners in the Think Efficiency competition is not the end of their journey, yet it is a beginning to create better innovation for the future. Think Efficiency is a platform for innovators to realise their ideas and contribute to the energy sector. “There is no need to be hesitant to compete with others, there shouldn’t be fear of failure. Focus on giving your best contribution for Indonesia, Think Efficiency is a place for us, but let’s not only be here for the prize. Because contributing ideas and advantages to society is more meaningful to us. Indonesia has called us. Let's work for the country's development, inscribed in achievement!" said Reza to young Indonesians.

Learn more about Think Efficiency here.

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