“Think Efficiency is a strategic platform to connect innovators, people from similar industries, government, society, and the media!”

Daniel Martomanggolo Wonohadidjojo

This is an exclusive interview with Daniel Martomanggolo Wonohadidjojo about his Think Efficiency experience, where he believes that this event has opened many doors and horizons to continue innovating in energy development.

Think Efficiency is one of Shell Indonesia's commitment to manifest aspiring innovators and talented individuals, in hope of giving solutions for challenges of the energy sector. Now let’s see Daniel and the Infinite team’s journey on the 2018 Think Efficiency and about their winning vehicle in the Tribology category.

Amidst his busy life as a lecturer at one of the top private universities in Indonesia, Daniel Martomanggolo Wonohadidjojo has continuously innovated new methods that could be implemented in his industry. On one of his recent works titled the “Modeling and Simulation of Friction and Efficiency in Excavator with Computational Intelligence Controller” (translated from: Pemodelan dan Simulasi Friction dan Efisiensi pada Excavator dengan Computational Intelligence Controller), Daniel demonstrated a new idea that could help save energy through an extravator or a hydraulic system, for the Tribology industry.

All of this started from his thorough observation on how the controls of the excavator and hydraulic system still uses a conventional method. For this challenge, Daniel needed a long journey of research for him to resolve the problem on his own. His journey would start by creating a theoretical modeling system, implementing the modeling to the software, going through trials and errors on the software model, implementing the system to the hardware, going through a system testing on the hardware and concluding all of his process and findings on the report - yet Daniel did it all with an unyielding spirit. His biggest motivation on this project was contributing to the Indonesian energy industry and how he could expand his findings for better use. Thus, his hard work has been paid off with his research achieving first prive in the tribology category!

For Daniel, the 2018 Think Efficiency was very memorable. In his views, Think Efficiency has provided a platform for innovators to meet and that it encourages more Indonesian innovators to develop their potential in the field of energy and tribology. However, Daniel feels that there is still room for improvements on the Think Efficiency event, that would widen the benefits and impacts to Indonesia.

One of Daniel’s suggestions is to coordinate this event with a higher education institute or universities that studies innovation management. He also suggested including an Innovation Readiness Level in the competition’s criteria. But overall, Daniel’s journey in the 2018 Think Efficiency competition deserves a thumbs up. Not only that he single-handedly won the competition, but Daniel focused his studies to create an impact to the nation’s development.

Daniel hopes that Indonesia's young generation will continue to "give your ability to innovate and create useful work for this nation. Your work is very useful for this nation! The spirit of innovation and your work can be channeled through the Think Efficiency event.”

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