What I love about Shell, is without question the people. A gift of working for Shell is not just the diversity this global company brings, but notably that diversity is truly valued.

Change is a constant in our world, business landscape and even my own HR team. Shell has equipped me with crucial skills to manage change, which makes living in this dynamic world rewarding. I have also been through a significant amount of personal change recently having my first child in 2016, a girl named Eve! I have since navigated through maternity leave, returning to a new position with greater responsibility, and I also commenced working part-time for the first time.

It was incredibly helpful staying well connected during my maternity leave, particularly as during this time we were going through a large organisational change through the company integration with BG.

Time flies and every stage with Eve is so magical and precious, whilst my career is incredibly important to me as well. I am fortunate to be supported to manage my time so that I can truly embrace both worlds.

I work four days a week, with one of these from home. Part-time comes with its challenges, however this work from home arrangement provides me with the space to focus on key policy work items, without interruption during what is invariably otherwise a hectic week of meetings. Also, instead of sitting in traffic, this day also affords me the time to walk Eve up to day care.

Success in any flexible work arrangement comes through open discussion and building trust, my line manager is very supportive and we have an inherent understanding on flexibility. This flows on to my team too, in which we have a very high rate of flexible workers in all different forms. It’s important that flexible working is not just viewed as a benefit that parents can access, there are so many other reasons team members wish to work flexibly.

Juggling life’s competing priorities is an unavoidable challenge for most. Working for Shell, I have confidence that I can sustain a rewarding career and continue to deliver, but also be there for Eve’s big milestones too.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are of the individuals featured and are not representative of the views of the Shell group of companies and their affiliates.

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